Meet: The Web Series!

Penny meet Pablo. Pablo meet Penny. 8 million people in New York City. These two, can't get away from each other. Meet: The Web Series is a brand new comedy web series created by Bethany Geraghty and Arisael Rivera. We follow Penny (Bethany Geraghty) and Pablo (Arisael Rivera), two New Yorkers who can't seem to get away from each other. But unlike other chance meetings, this meet-cute does not go well. Trying to navigate their own lives in a city of 8 million, fate continues to bring them together as they tackle friendships, family, and love.

Hole in the Wall now on iTunes!

The AWARD WINNING movie "Hole in the Wall" Directed by Adam Buncher, featuring Arisael Rivera AS Paco, is now on iTunes.

You can rent or buy it today!

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